ProfitPlus provides a platform to deliver some of the world's most powerful business trasformation tools. The amount of depth and resource that a ProfitPlus advisor is backed with allows for someone with or without prior business experience to own and operate a highly profitable and successful business of their own.

The ProfitPlus model is built around an advanced business planning system allowing a business to forecast forward 5 years into the future. This system is highly adaptable and will allow you as their business adviser to firstly diagnose the root of the business' problem and then to work alongside the business to reach their full potential.

We have developed a number of business advice programs around our unique software that is designed to enable our clients to reach their goals no matter the size or type of business or audacity of goals set. These programs are setup around the business in question with our planning software being integral to the process of delivering advice and guidance to a business backed up by facts and figures.



ProfitPlus is one of the most exciting new business opportunities in the UK. Created after years of frustration at mediocre business plans and seeing viral business failure, ProfitPlus is all about creating and then executing business plans.

If you have a passion for helping others succeed and creating success personally and professionally ProfitPlus could be for you. Spend some time looking around this site to get some more information and see some more about the power of the ProfitPlus sytem.


The ProfitPlus system has provided an amazing platform for Matt Ewer to deliver business growth and stability to his clients at the same time as providing him a fantastic income.


Matt Ewer explains: “ProfitPlus has been an incredible tool to engage with new clients and to positively impact the business community in and around me.


The majority of businesses in the UK don’t even have a basic business plan, leaving a fantastic gap in the market for me as a ProfitPlus adviser to fill. Business owners are receptive to ProfitPlus because they understand great businesses are built from great business plans and alternative solutions either lack guidance and know-how or are too expensive in terms of time and money. 


I can also see the tangible impact on the businesses that ProfitPlus planning has.  Investing two days out of their business, gives business owners the chance to think strategically and the process is transformations for their business and their life.  It’s a very rewarding feeling to know that with ProfitPlus, I’m not just keeping businesses around me running, I’m helping people achieve amazing results both commercially and personally.”

Matt Ewer - ProfitPlus Adviser

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